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Expert in Corporate & Organizational Strategic Planning

epr has extensive experience in assisting clients to determine, define, and implement organized outcome-oriented public relations strategies. These include benchmarking and communications planning to effectively reach constituents.

Media Training & Speaker Presentation

An organization’s own management and employees are its best public representation, truly brand ambassadors implementing Public Relations everyday. epr is skilled at selecting who within an organization is best suited for interviews and presentations, based on subject matter, comfort level and the issue or subject at hand. 

Media Relations & Special Events

epr has an established a reputation of producing successful events.

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erika kauffman’s superb communications skills, corporate efficiency and organization, vast bi-costal sector experience, fused with her keen understanding of the islands, community and talent relations, make her vital to leading brands and portfolio growth. business elegance and excellence at its finest.


"epr stands out in a cluttered landscape as a firm with great integrity, quality and vision. The workhorse ethos translates in both nimble response time as well as dedication to an overarching strategic and holistic approach in all matters. And, to top it off, Erika is simply a joy to work with."  - Aimie Billion / Propper Daley